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Design of New Costumes

 Custom Characters provides design services based on a client’s  concept for a costume.  This includes black and white sketches based on the initial client input and finishes with a full color sketch.  All practical elements are taken into consideration such as: mobility, ventilation, durability, ease of cleaning, etc., and the intended use of the costume which ranges from photo-ops to stunt costumes. 


Taking an existing design such as a character from an animated feature, cartoon, or toy and developing a practical walk around character costume is our specialty.  We work closely with the client’s representative or designer to maintain the integrity of the design while incorporating the crucial functional aspects.


We provide full maintenance and refurbishment services for costumes we have produced.  Refurbished costumes can often be returned to an almost new condition.


The first costume is the prototype.  This is a usable costume.  The price includes the costs of patternmaking and mold fabrications.  Molds and patterns remain with Custom Characters for the exclusive use by the client for whom they were developed.


Repeats of a costume are usually less expensive than the prototype as molds and patterns are already established.  The amount of price reduction per costume depends on such variables as lead time, availability of materials, etc.